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Finding Inspiration.

Creating constantly is literally like shedding your older skin and allowing the new one to take over. And that is how our body works, to keep on going. But sometimes, it is difficult to find inspiration to create anything. And in such situations i need to pack my stuff, my moon and my clouds and go in isolation.

It is more than an year now, since i have started to take my art seriously. And everyday, i am falling more and more in love with my work and strangely this world too. Inspiration now is not big of an issue, artist’s blocks are way less now. It feels like there is an inter web in the brain that is combining artworks for me through lines and threads.

Inspiration for art is everywhere. In every person, and every object, the only trick is how you see it. This world is full of colours, flowers, grass, languages, words, stars and the sky that keeps changing moods! If we pay attention they are a medium of art. Constantly giving us inspirations.

Talking about myself the rawness of absolutely anything lights up my heart. Be it a piece created by an uneducated craftsmen to the rawness of emotions of people. Its such a beautiful thing when you can see the actual stuff without any layer of beautification. Apart from this, i am so in love with looking at work of other artists. Its so surreal that all these people, can express the same thing in 100 different ways. Almost magic to me. I have this one thing written in my diary that is my go to whenever i fall out of my creative zone,

“ As weird as Dali,

as transparent as Kahlo.

as simple as Martin,

as infinite as Kusama,

as in-sync as Matisse,

as experimental as Picasso.”

And that keeps me going.

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