Art has always come organically to me. I remember always having an urge or more like an itch to make something, since I was a child. Growing up, I had a tough time for two reasons. First, I never understood the conventional way (I still don’t). Second, the world around me always ran in a way, where the society taught me that changing the world by doing something was nothing but something undoable and confined to the pages of the books only! For a while I started believing that, and so lost that spark within me. Later,I purposely unlearned a lot of things to be myself, to light the spark again. Art has been an empowering medium for me, it encourages me to be positive and eliminate any negativity that comes my way.


Going by my professional qualifications and training,  I am a Textile Designer (yes, may be because of it I have a hint of textile in my art). After college, I have done a corporate job as a Visual Merchandiser for two years with professional excellence . Then one day, I decided to quit and be what I always wanted to be! A full time Artist. And so here I am.

My style of work is Abstract expressionist. I have fallen in love with the idea to paint what is unseen, and to add my imagination into what is obvious. I believe that apart from the abstraction, the major part of my art is the colour Indigo. I have a limited colour palette. Indigo. It is a colour that never asks for your attention, but you will be certainly drawn to it, no matter what. It can be a colour to be comfortably sad around and at the same time it can please your eyes and satiate your soul to the core. I believe, it has magical meditative powers! It can’t be ignored and can’t be resisted, it is pure love. And, I am addicted to it. It is fascinating that how this colour has had a major impact in history all around the world.

Apart form all this I love (or may be obsessed with!) many more things like the rain, blue mountains, azure sky and the Apple Crumble!