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After spending a lot of time thinking about my website and how to get it live, I am finally here! This has got to be a big deal for me (and I am jumping in excitement like a kid).

When I look back, exactly at this same time of year - I left my very stable job to finally pursue my dream of being an Artist. I started with some ME-time in the hills of Himachal, to detox from the extremities of the metro and a monotonous life. I remember the feeling of excitement of starting something new.I felt liberated. I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart was doing happy dance and my brain was planning to make it work.

Exactly after one year, here I am! I have been making art everyday. Earlier this year in March, I had my very first solo exhibition “All those Reveries” at H.P Hutheesing Art Centre. And now I have a website too!

The times I have been pretty tough though. The journey is quite unstable and bumpy. But I have never ever been this happy and content from the inside. I am trying each and every day to make this possible. So, may be when they say “follow your dreams” or “go after your passion”, they talk about creating a life as per your wish. Though, this definitely comes with a lot of hard work and perseverance (a lot of it)!

Excuse me while I do a little happy dance again!

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