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Talking Blue. Talking Personal.

This blogpost is going to be a tad bit long and a little personal. Why? Because I am going to talk about most-often-asked-question “You are an artist, but what do you do for a living?”

And if at some point it resonates with you, Hello friend!

I have mentioned it earlier that I am extremely sensitive and prone to negative energy. It catches me sometimes, and I cannot escape. And gradually it engulfs my motivation and inspiration for a while. Because holding on the positives all the time becomes a little difficult. And I know, this happens with most of us. But the important thing here is to get back up, be more aware and live the life again.

Now getting back to the point I started with, what do I do to make a living. Well, to be honest I make art. And that is my living. The conventional meaning of living is the monetary benefit that you get from your job. And to be very honest, yes, as of now I am not doing as great as I was doing with my job in respect to materialistic thing. But what I know for sure is that I am gaining something I never had. I am gaining myself - my complete self.

Art may not come with immediate monetary benefits and luxurious life. But I will tell you, it does come with more than a handful of fulfilment and love. The kind of love that we talk about, which can unite the world. An year ago I wasn’t this person. Today I can say that I am a much much better version of who I was earlier. If not anything, I am learning how to live. I am learning that apparently there is a black and white illusion of what success and better life means to the culture we live in. We live in a culture where everybody is too busy telling other people how they should live, even though they have zero idea about theirs. Our culture never tells us how to actually live.

So then where does Art come, what is it and what does it do?

For now I will say Art is a tool that can bring you home to yourself. A tool that can teach you love, the purest form of prayer, a teacher of belief, perseverance and faith. A power of being vulnerable and unfiltered. It can come in any form, reading , writing, painting, walking, breathing! Any form if you pay attention.

Anything that sets you free with courage and filled with love. It is the unnecessary necessity. It is everything around us that was ever created. It brings people together, no matter where they come from or how they look. It is the idea of one love, one life. An antidote for all the divide and differences.

So to conclude, yes,

I am a dreamer,

an Art maker,

a compulsive mountain seeker,

a wannabe world changer,

a frequent smiler,

a devoted lover,

a listener,

a newly made forgiver.

I am a blessing counter, a spiritual reader, a compassion giver,

and a full time life rider.

This is what i do for a living.

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