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A Cacophony.

I am wrong. I am not strong. I cannot stand for myself and others.

Most of my life has been trying to fit in. Trying to shrink myself to become someone else. To become what was presented around me. Avoiding the abnormality. Trying to be smaller. Trying to be less opinionated, talk less about my perspective. Asking and seeking for approvals. Fulfilling someone else’s void. Faking to understand the invalid customs and the shallow culture that was being passed on. Sacrificing my happiness and peace. Following the paved path that has already been made according to everyones convenience. Listening to do things in an order and in a specific manner. Because that is how you make others happy and get a sign of being approved. And may be a hint of being loved.

But all i did was suffer. I suffered a lot. Day and night a voice in the mind. Thinking and feeling, my heart shrank.

But now is the time. It is not my job to change who i am in order to become someone else’s idea of a worthwhile human being. My voice matters. My opinions matter. My feelings matter. The love in my heart matters. I started speaking my mind even though it made others uncomfortable and made me feel disapproved. But i feel liberated. Because i know, being kind, loving and standing for yourself can never be wrong. I choose humanity. I choose Freedom. I choose Love. I choose Compassion. I choose Art. I choose me.

Since, at some point you need to stop being angry and sad. Stop beating yourself over and over. Forgiveness is magic. Self Love is the medication. Believing in yourself and your purpose heals.

So, don’t do it. Don’t do it for anyone else, but you.

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