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Strange Contradictions.

The time when I am passionately involved in creating art, a range of thoughts keep battling inside my head.

The language of my art is very organic for me. I create things, as per the flow. My creative process is very unplanned, my head, heart and hand just sync with each other at that moment of time.

During the process i have been observing one thing for sure. The state of my mind contradicts my art language during the process of creation. I rage with ’n’ number of thoughts as i create the most soothing and meditative patterns. It is like relieving the uncomfortable feelings with the soothing strokes of the paint brush on the canvas. This is the biggest juxtapose of my life that I am experiencing right now.

Its difficult to not think, right? And the contradiction comes when people tell me how meditative my art looks, and they can sit and mediate looking at it. Honestly, i have still not found the answer to it. How does this happen!

The only thing, i know for sure is that creating is the purest form of worshiping. I am someone who does not believe in the traditional form of paying respect to the divine power. For me, making art is worship. Creating an art form is exactly the way the divine power has created us. Making art or creating anything has a deep connection beyond just what is visible. May be, that is how, at that moment emotions flow and play with the pallet , resulting in something very peaceful and beautiful!

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