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Closing 2017. Walking into 2018.

Here is an end to 2017. A year which was full of extreme high and lows for me. I had moments when i was on cloud nine and moments when i was literally on my knees praying. I am writing this blog, just to give my self a closure, to close the book of 2017 and step inside the new year.

I do not have any New year’s resolution, i don’t believe in them, for me doing it right away is the best way. So, looking back this year, i had my first Art Exhibition, i became a professional artist this year, one major leap towards one of my dream. I was on a mission to document my work with one picture a day, which i did and will be continuing to do so. (You may see these here). I made many many more art, not in the hustle, but in the process to grow from it. I started making the most delicious Pizza! I found this love for books. Fell in love with Oprah’s words. Now my decisions have a question “what would Oprah do”. I became very self aware, gave time to improve as an individual. I started listening to my heart and soul more. I made some awful mistakes in anger, but this time i took the ownership to fix it. In short, i really paid attention to myself this year. Also, not to miss i discovered how amazing it is to go on a date with your self.

So, as i sign off from this post, i hope that you have the Happiest Soulful Year, full of smile and love.

Entering 2018 stronger, sharper, fearless heart and fierce mind.

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