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Hustling while Resting.

It is a busy world, isn’t it? Sunday is here and in less than 24 hours it will be Monday. Did reading this line give you a shiver or anxiousness? If yes, then STOP. Stop for next 20 minutes (you can continue reading my blog though!). If not, WOW! You are doing it right (you still can continue reading my blog).

I am a TYPE A personality. I find it really necessary to keep working and doing some or the other thing. I have a serious phobia of wasting time. For me it is to that level, where even when I am taking rest or sleeping, I keep thinking of work and about my plans. And trust me this isn’t soul fulfilling. Suddenly everything becomes lifeless. As i mentioned in my last blog, that it is the period of change. I am putting effort to slow down and hustle hard while resting.

I have a habit of listening to interviews and speeches, to understand more and widen my horizon. While doing the same, i realised that, the conventional meaning of success is measured by the amount of materialistic things you achieve in your life. Its good to do so. But the realisation that you don’t have to really prove anything is even more magical. You have just one serious job, that is to live and fulfil your self. Everything comes later. There is nothing called validation for you. It is not at all needed.

So slow down and yet keep working hard. Have that cup of chai in solitude, and give your inner space more time and attention. I am trying to do the same. Though it is a bit difficult for me, for the reasons i mentioned above, but the more i am making it my priority the more my quality of work is improving and the more joy i am finding.

I know, you too got this!

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