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I have been meaning to write something since a long time, but didn't. Though i have written few words, few sentences here and there, in my hours and days of extreme emotional realisations.

But to put things in a structured manner, a format, seems like a challenge. A challenge that challenges my free moving, ‘i will pop up anytime’ thoughts. Anyway, challenges said and done, here at 6:21pm i am sitting with my laptop and writing this in a word document. a structured format.

Everything is about structure isn’t it?

And every structure is man made, rigid. Hard to move out of it. And i have a philosophy of my own ‘whatever structure a man creates,’ let me make it gender fluid and rephrase. ‘Whatever structure a human creates, is got to be flawed.’ What works for one human cannot work for another at all. But somehow, in the sleepiness of this spiritual awakens, we tend to forget it every step of the way. And thus, humans and there developed concepts and structures becomes a challenge for another. The great question is, why don’t we let every individual be? Be their own person.

Growing up, we are constantly bombarded with informations, and words. Words, which often does not mean anything. We somehow manage to alter the existence, and gradually completely erasing their individualism, their spiritual presence and eventually everything. In our human world, kids are raised as an alter ego of their forefathers, their ancestors, their parents and their surroundings. Kids are not raised as a human of their own, which for me is the greatest robbery, the greatest murder.

You may argue about this with me.

But, first you have to tell me are you the complete version of yourself or a by product of your upbringing and your surrounding? Or have you still been in touch with your Soul while diminishing the over fed thoughts of your surrounding beings?

This Blog, has taken a very honest leap i must say. So may be the two year pause was a good step in the process. If you have scrolled down and read it till here, do write me down your comments and insights.

See you often, now.

Also, how are you spending your time in this lockdown? Watching movies, listening to music, any documentary, reading a book? So is art at rescue for the locked ones? Wasn’t it useless at first place? Art. Quoting Oscar Wilde, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” Individualism. The one that is often erased when a child is born and raised.

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