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The Rain and the Change.

As i was sitting in the cab listening to a podcast of Oprah Winfrey and Paulo Coelho on the book The Alchemist, it started raining heavily. As mentioned in the podcast that the universe gives you signs, i thought this sudden rain is possibly a sign for my new blog. So, i took it seriously and added my drenched thoughts.

The rains are here and the changes too. Past couple of weeks have been full of changes for me. I really didn’t get any time to write or paint much. Now as i sit down quietly after all the chaos, travel and the change, i feel a different type of creativity is flowing through me.

Like rains, most of aren’t a big fan of changes (just to convey i am a very big fan of rains, but not the changes). As rain brings down messy roads, dark sky, in a similar manner the changes in life brings down a sense of discomfort. Good or bad, it hinders our comfort zone. I have figured out, the more i try to escape from it the more the discomfort haunts me. So i have started letting that emotion of change pass through me completely. This time i didn’t resist it. Its a surreal way to feel all of your discomforts to get the comfort.

And so, it has become a source of inspiration for me. The things which i am making now feel more alive. I guess, we can conclude that change just like rain is a very beautiful thing. Good or bad, it is going to make us a better person by adding one experience into the library of life. It is thought provoking when you feel it, just the way when you feel the rain it makes you feel alive.

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